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The Uniqueness of Being Sebastopol Intensive Apr 2014 5 MP3 Download 7 hrs. 48 min. $40.00

For enlightenment to happen, there is no secret knowledge to acquire or teacher's path to follow. The key to freedom actually lies within each of us. In these potent talks and dialogues from the 2014 Sebastopol Intensive, Adyashanti explores how enlightenment is about going beyond the tyrannical patterns of mind that cause our suffering and discovering the all-allowing, undivided nature of our true being. It also involves an honest seeing, trusting, and inhabiting of our individuality so that we may discover how enlightenment is lived uniquely through each of us.

Topics Include: Nature and Our True Nature / Neutrality vs. Apathy / The Primary Cause of Suffering / Inhabiting Your Individuality / Seeing the Truth of Your Conditioning / Relaxing Anxiety / Letting Go of the Spiritual Warrior / The Delusion of What We Know / Trusting Your Sense of the Way / Allowing Everything / Freeing Past Trauma

Quotes from this Download Set: "The world is not our problem, the world is our savior." • "The majority of suffering is an internal tyranny." • "In the natural world, nothing exists but the present moment." • "Watch how the mind chooses narrative rather than the reality of the moment." • "Individualism does not have to get in the way of what unites us." • "Unity isn't something you find; disunity is something you stop creating." • "May we all be what we are. The world is waiting for it."

Recorded in Sebastopol, California on April 5-6, 2014.
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