The Impact of Awakening - 3rd Edition

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From the New Introduction by Adyashanti:

The material for this book came from two consecutive evenings of discussions with a small group of about ten students who met at my wife Mukti’s and my small cottage that we were living in at the time. We all barely fit into the tiny cottage and sat shoulder to shoulder in what turned out to be two very intimate and powerful evenings of inquiry and discussions. . . . I hope that you can enter into the inspired atmosphere that we all shared during those two evenings and join in the timeless present where everything happens for the very first time.

About the Book:

This third edition (which includes a new introduction by Adyashanti) presents a collection of dynamic excerpts from Adyashanti's talks and dialogues. The reader is guided from the initial impulse to be free, to its culmination in Liberation. Adyashanti also speaks about the role of grace, the student-teacher relationship and how to move beyond beliefs that distort our perception of the truth.

“Adyashanti . . . does not use Zen jargon. In fact, like the great Zen masters of old, he has breached the bounds of conventional Buddhist discourse and instead speaks directly from Being itself. His words are fresh, spontaneous, and vital.” ~ From the Foreword by Stephan Bodian

Reflections from Readers of The Impact of Awakening:

“A life-changing book. I’ve waited my whole lifetime for this teaching.”

"I have honestly read this book 10 times at least. It is beautiful and each time I pick it up and read . . . I discover something new.”

“This is one of the very best books on the awakened state that I have read. It is simple, clear and easy to read. . . . It is filled with wonder and grace.”

“The twelve chapters of questions and answers found in this gem are destined to be seen as a spiritual classic for years to come.”


1. The Evolutionary Impulse to Be Free
2. Insecurity and the Unknown
3. Meditation and Spiritual Practices
4. Moving Beyond the Impulse to Struggle
5. Ceasing to Become
6. Awakening
7. Embodiment: True Nonduality
8. A Love Greater Than Oneself
9. What Is Liberation?
10. The Student-Teacher Relationship
11. Relationship
12. The Courage to Question

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