This is where you can discover other projects that Adyashanti has done outside of Open Gate Sangha, including interviews, articles, podcasts, products, and more. For press related requests, also see below.

Adya and Alanis Morissette

Interviews with Adyashanti

Check out these video and audio interviews with Adyashanti.

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Headshot of Adya

Photo Requests

For requests for photographs of Adyashanti for publishing purposes, please contact us.

Waking Up

Guided Meditation Series with Adyshanti

Available on Sam Harris’s app “Waking Up.” (Free, by subscription.)
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Short Bio

Follow this link for an approved short bio of Adyashanti.
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Being Unlimited

Being Unlimited

This donor-supported podcast series with Adyashanti is aimed at exploring and awakening to the unlimited expressions of our true being.
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Invitations for Talks or Interviews

For requests for an interview or talk by Adyashanti, please contact us.

The Wisdom of Sundays


Discover books Adyashanti has contributed to that are not available through Open Gate Sangha.
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Spirituality and Health Magazine


Adyashanti has been featured in the following publications.
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