Free Live Video
Our complimentary live broadcasts with Adyashanti are a great way to receive his current teachings in the comfort of your home or wherever you might be. All you need is a device with an internet connection. The format generally includes an extensive talk and teachings on emailed questions.

Free Prerecorded Video
Our complimentary prerecorded video broadcasts by Adyashanti are replays of selected previous broadcasts that we have found to be popular or address choice topics. Some have been newly prerecorded by Adyashanti. As with the live broadcasts, all you need is an internet connection.

Sunday Community Practice

Sunday Community Practice

This is an ongoing community that meets live online twice a month for deep spiritual practice and inquiry. The community welcomes all who wish to meditate with Adyashanti on a consistent basis and dedicate themselves to making enlightened living a significant priority in their lives. Single practice registration is also available.

Weeklong Online Retreat

Weekend and Weeklong Online Retreats

For those who wish to dedicate a weekend or week to spiritual practice and inquiry, our online silent retreats with Adyashanti or Mukti give you the opportunity to experience a retreat from within the convenience of your home or desired environment. The format includes live online talks, guided meditations, Q&A, silent meditation periods, and optional qi gong. While we provide a recommended schedule that simulates the structure of an in-person event, you can design a schedule that works for you and your time zone; all retreat recordings are made available for video replay and audio download (and are accessible for two months after the retreat).

Online Course

4-Week Online Courses

Our 4-week online courses focus on a particular subject chosen by Adyashanti and inspire a contemplative and experiential investigation of the topic. In addition to live weekly teachings, these courses offer weekly practices to inquire and apply the teachings between sessions. The format includes live online sessions (and video replays), video practices, Q&A, and audio downloads of all recordings. Course materials are available for video replay and audio download for two months after the course ends.

Online Intensive

Daylong Online Intensives

Adyashanti offers daylong intensives that address a chosen theme. The format includes live online talks, guided meditations, and emailed Q&A. A video replay is available for three weeks after the intensive, at which time an audio download set is also provided.

Self-Guided Courses

Self-Guided Courses

Our self-guided courses are previously delivered live online courses by Adyashanti. Each course offers a step-by-step approach that makes it easy for you to review the materials and apply the teachings as if you had been experiencing the live course. The format includes videos, audio downloads, practice exercises, written Q&A, and summary notes of all live broadcasts.


Participant Agreement

Participants understand that all programs hosted by Open Gate Sangha will be recorded for use by Open Gate Sangha, Inc. Open Gate Sangha makes no representations or warranties as to any benefit that may be received by attending a program.