Self-Guided Courses are previously delivered live online courses offered by Adyashanti. These courses offer you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the teachings of liberation and integrate them into your daily life.

Each course contains originally recorded sessions with Adyashanti (video stream and audio download), weekly practices to apply the teachings daily, and written Q&A between Adyashanti and the original course participants. These self-guided courses are different than our audio courses in that they include a video stream format for receiving Adyashanti’s transmission of the teachings. The self-guided courses are also contained in an online environment that visibly and easily leads you through the course experience.

While we recommend completing the course in the way the course was originally designed, you can engage in the self-guided courses at a pace that works for you. For each self-guided course, you receive all course materials along with guidelines on how to best engage in the course in order to maximize the experience.

Self-Guided Courses
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