Facets of Unity

Experiencing the Interconnectedness at the Heart of Reality
Self-Guided Course

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This Course Includes:

  • Course guidelines for maximizing your experience.
  • Four live 2-hour recorded sessions of broadcasts from the live course "Facets of Unity" (September 2020). Sessions include talks as well as Adyashanti's responses to emailed questions from original course participants. (Video stream and audio download.)
  • Session notes to help you remember and integrate the teachings from each session.
  • Three video exercises to apply each week in-between the live sessions.
  • Audio MP3s of all the video content—download to your computer or device* so you can revisit the teachings at your convenience.

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Recorded September 2020 in San Jose, CA.
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All Buddhas and all sentient beings are nothing but the One Mind, besides which nothing exists. This Mind, which is without beginning, is unborn and indestructible. . . . for this Mind is the Buddha and the Buddha of all living beings. It is not the less for being manifested in ordinary sentient beings, nor is it greater for being manifested in the Buddhas. . . . If All is One, then knowledge of a being’s true self-nature is equally knowledge of all-nature, the nature of everything in the universe.  ~ Huang Po

In this teaching, the great Zen master Huang Po beautifully expresses his experience of the perennial realization of true nature, the underlying reality of all of existence. Contained within this realization is the experience of perfect unity and interconnectedness, an interconnectedness revealed through an infinite variety of facets—from ordinary sentient beings to great Buddhas to the true nature of everything in this vast universe. This realization is open to us all and is the heart of our very being. It is to regain our intimate and heart-felt connectedness with all sentient beings, indeed with all the world. 

Join me for this 4-week self-guided course as we dive deeply into the heart of reality and the intimate interconnectedness of our true nature. Through talks, Q&A, and daily practices, we explore the many facets of unity that can act as doorways to a deeper experience and realization of the essential interconnectedness of our true nature. 

~ Adyashanti

  • One Mind
  • Perceiving Sameness within Differences
  • Evoking the Feel of True Nature
  • Seeing beyond the Prism of Mind
  • Unhooking from the Identity of “Me”
  • Not Resisting Powerful Forces of the Soul
  • Practices that Uncover Hidden Constraints
  • Consenting and Aligning with Soul Values      
  • The Facet of Openness
  • Accessing the Gap beyond Reactivity
  • Seeing from Wholeness
  • Connecting from and to Essence
  • The Process of Mature Awakening
  • The Unity of True Nature and Human Nature
  • Living Fearlessly 

Quotes from this Self-Guided Course: 

"We don’t grasp unity with our mind."

"The gift we can give each other is the silent recognition of spirit to spirit. With this recognition, we can change the nature of our interactions. There’s the appearance, but there’s also an awareness that is not defined by the whole display of life. That’s a facet of unity. When we turn within, we can recognize ourselves, and when we turn without, we see life and consciousness in everything."

"Fundamentally, this teaching is oriented toward awakening to true nature, but that is just the beginning. There is realization of the transcendent and then its embodiment. The relative self needs to be healthy to have autonomy. This is where the spiritual and the psychological come together…we don’t leave the relative behind—eventually there is a coming together."

"As you become conscious of your conditional ways of being and your reactivity gets elicited, there is a gap caused by consciousness—it is a space that can allow choice if it is big enough." 

"Living a spiritual life is not just having the vision of unity, but it’s also about what we’re devoted to. Most practices are meant to help us align with truth, but there is also the necessary act of devotion and service to truth."

"One of the facets of unity—the jewel of enlightenment—is your human nature. It is one of the ways that the Divine shows up." 

"The witness is like training wheels. It is profound and useful but there is still a sense of being “the witness.” A more fundamental truth is that there is no witness, but only witnessing."

"Everything is an expression of pure potentiality—so in that sense everything is the same, yet things can appear different. This is easy to conceptualize, but it is often misunderstood. Unity doesn’t destroy difference."

"The whole notion of unity is more immediate than we think it is. What keeps us from seeing in this deeper way is that we see through the prism of the mind."

"Encounter things as living mysteries where your mind is in a state of openness. You’ll be in for a surprise."