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Prerecorded Broadcast with Adyashanti


(Originally broadcasted January 22, 2014)

Wednesday, August 17: 6:00-7:30 pm Pacific Time

What is your contribution to life? In this rich, visionary talk, Adyashanti urges us to realize how our consciousness is affecting the world around us, and how we are contributing to life at each moment. He reveals that what arises from the illumined heart is not a world-denying spirituality; he instead encourages us to participate in the world community in the way that is authentic to us. By bringing our knowledge of unity into our actions, our expression helps to awaken the creative capacity of all beings.

You can also join us on YouTube to watch the video broadcast. Replay available for 24 hours on YouTube.

There will be no program music and no emailed questions for this prerecorded broadcast. TO ACCESS THE BROADCAST, click the blue “ON AIR” button on the Broadcast Page when it appears.

In September, Mukti will be leading FREE LIVE VIDEO BROADCASTS on her broadcast page. You can find the next scheduled one on her broadcast page. Find audio downloads of Mukti’s recent broadcasts in Mukti’s Store. And join her on our Sunday Community Practice.

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