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Shining the Light of Awareness in Our World

Shining the Light of Awareness in Our World

Online Retreat with Mukti

April 22–24, 2022

Pacific Time Zone
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A Retreat Invitation from Mukti

Hearing of awakened living is quite different than knowing it in direct experience. It’s the difference between hearing about life and standing as a rightful expression of life.

When we intimately know our true home in creation, in being, we begin to understand the oneness of life and the unfathomable relevance of that Self-Knowledge in our world.

You may have heard pointers to awareness that indicate that it is what is looking through your eyes; that it is what you are; that it is everywhere—even expressing as the whole of life. When one engages awareness and directly encounters what these pointers are meant to elicit, one receives the knowledge of revelation. Such revelation has the power to rectify how one experiences and perpetuates suffering. This includes not only one’s own suffering, but also the suffering of others. Fundamentally, this revelation is liberation.

In order to shine this rectifying power in the world, one must first commit the light of one’s attention to the mysterious ground of being. It requires a willingness to depart from one’s ideas of life, and one’s self, and a willingness to abide in the essential mystery of existence appearing as the present moment.

I invite you to join in this upcoming weekend retreat, a time of coming together in meditation and self-inquiry, as well as engaging the pointers and talks that I present. This retreat will be a time to enter conditions that support the mysterious essence of life and of your essential self to come forward and be recognized. For how is one to live and express fully without uncovering the depths of who and what they truly are? Retreat is a time to allow what no longer serves to fall away. It is also an opportunity for what is true and life-giving to shine . . . illuminating the knowledge of humanity in spirit that further enables spirit in humanity.

~ Mukti

About Mukti

“After listening to Mukti’s guided meditation in the Sunday Community gathering, her connection with the earth reaches into my heart—simply palpable. Mukti’s understanding and merging of Self-realization and Self-knowledge within the human—spirit and humanity—is a way home.” ~ J. M. (Testimonial from a participant.)

Sharing retreat with Mukti is an opportunity to be supported by her nurturing and welcoming qualities and her deep transmission of stillness. Her teachings focus on creating conditions that foster the organic unfolding of conscious awareness where energies that arise can be met, allowed, and transformed. Encouraged by her deep respect for each person’s expression as human and divine, her retreatants have formed new and beautiful relationships to thoughts, feelings, and emotions, as well as a deeper receptivity to spirit.

Mukti also brings a special perspective, being Adyashanti’s first student! Stories of her journey of Self-realization are invaluable and bring a fresh feminine take on many of Adya’s pointers. Her invitation to us all is generous and powerful—that of “Spirit coming to know and express itself in our human life.” We hope you take this opportunity to explore and learn from her intimate teachings.



    Registration for this program is closed.


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    Cancellation Policy: Cancel on or before April 20 and you will be refunded your full registration cost minus a $25 processing fee. There is no refund after April 20.



    The scholarship application date has passed.



    Formats for Live Session: Audio and Video Stream; Accessible on Mobile Devices.



    The online retreat materials are for registered participants only. We request that participants do not share any of this material on social media or other internet channels during or after the online retreat.



    Participants understand  that all online programs with Adyashanti and Mukti will be recorded for use by Open Gate Sangha, Inc. Recording formats may include audio, video, and written/emailed text. If any participant wishes not to have their image, voice, or words recorded or published, please notify Open Gate Sangha in writing.

The Experience of Retreat with Mukti

  • Dive into fresh teachings from Mukti as head teacher of Open Gate Sangha.
  • Take time to refresh and fully devote yourself to spiritual practice.
  • Engage in deep meditation to ground yourself more fully.
  • Dedicate yourself to meditation practice.
  • Reflect upon and ask your innermost spiritual questions.

Learn more about Mukti on the Invitation tab.

Mirrors Our In-Person Retreats

This online retreat is designed to mirror the experience of our in-person residential silent retreats. The full three-day program includes daily talks and Q&A with Mukti, along with multiple periods of guided and silent (independent) meditation, and qi gong sessions.

Schedule Developed by Adyashanti and Mukti

The program schedule was developed by Adyashanti and Mukti. It reflects their experience of what best supports awakening. The deep silence of meditation, coupled with the focused inquiry of the talks and dialogues, are the ground and seed from which awakening flowers. By setting aside several days outside of your usual schedule and routine, you stop working, tending to family, or taking on other responsibilities and find yourself in a place where all that’s needed is to listen deeply.

Program Highlights

  • Watch live talks & guided meditations
  • Download audio and summary notes
  • Email questions for live Q&A sessions
  • Access replays within 48 hours of live sessions and for 30 days after the retreat (See below for alternative options for those in other time zones.)


About Silence

While this program was designed to support those wishing to participate in full silence, we understand this may not always be possible. Complete silence is neither required, or necessary, to obtain the benefits inherent in immersing yourself in introspection and inquiry for a dedicated period of time. Also, the proposed program schedule can be adapted to fit your availability.

Alternative Time Zone Considerations

This retreat will be held in the Pacific time zone (PT) but is accessible to everyone. Video replays will be available for 30 days after the rereat.

For those in later U.S. time zones, we recommend you adapt the program schedule by shifting the late-night meditations to the mornings.

For those in more distant time zones, you may Contact Us for an additional option which includes faster replays.