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Watch Adyashanti’s Invitation to Retreat (16 min.)

Silence is the container of retreat to which all participants dedicate themselves, for it is in inner silence that deep realization spontaneously blooms.

Retreat is also a time of one-pointed inquiry, a commitment to questioning our most cherished ideas and beliefs. On retreat, I encourage all participants to fearlessly inquire down to the very root of self and the illusion of separation so that the light of awakening can penetrate throughout the whole of one's being.

The entire structure of these retreats is something I’ve developed over the years to both support the flowering of realization as well as challenge the various ways that we hold on and resist letting go into the truth. Whether you feel drawn to attend retreat or not, I encourage you to enter into the spirit of retreat, into a wholehearted commitment to eternal truth here and now. ~ Adyashanti

Watch Adyashanti's Invitation to Retreat (16 min.)

“I encourage you to enter into the spirit of retreat, into a wholehearted commitment to eternal truth here and now.” ~ Adyashanti

Mount Madonna

The Retreat Container

The Silence

The silence of retreat is the backdrop for the mystery of ourselves to unfold. By setting aside several days outside of our usual schedules and routines, we stop working, tending to family, or taking on other responsibilities. Retreat is where all that’s needed is to listen deeply, and to meet with silence when the bell calls us.

Full Silence: Silence on retreat means no speaking with others, no writing notes to others, no gesturing, no cell or smart phones, no texting, and no computer use. This allows everyone on retreat to fully support and benefit from the container of Silence that we will all maintain.

The Opportunity

We don’t often give ourselves the time to stop, let down our guard, and open in quiet to all that is inside. With the support of retreat and your sincere commitment to meet each moment as it is, the truth can come forward. The experiences may be subtle, intense, or profound. Difficult emotions or issues may rise to the surface, but joy and discovery are equally possible, and all is held in the wisdom and compassion of the retreat environment. This is a unique opportunity to contact and immerse ourselves in “the peace that lies beyond all understanding.”

Being Ready for Retreat

The structure and schedule of a silent retreat can be challenging both physically and psychologically.

For those who have special physical/medical needs, please visit the Retreat Special Needs Page for information that may be helpful when planning for a retreat.

If you are currently under the care of a mental health professional, we encourage you to review the important information on The Challenges and Opportunities of Retreat Page.

The Daily Schedule

The schedule offered at Adyashanti’s retreats uniquely reflects his sense and experience of what best supports awakening. The deep silence of silent sitting, coupled with the focused inquiry of the talks and dialogues, are the ground and seed from which awakening flowers. Because the schedule is a vital part of the retreat container, if you cannot arrive on time and plan to stay through the end, Adyashanti requests that you not attend the retreat. This shared commitment supports the group as a whole to experience the depth of retreat.

Day 1: Check in during the registration period. After check-in, there is a dinner break followed by a retreat orientation and a talk by Adyashanti.

Daily Activities: Each full day of retreat begins at 7:30 am and ends by 10:00 pm. Most days include several periods of silent sitting, a guided meditation, 2 sessions with Adyashanti (talks and/or dialogues), and 3 meal breaks.

Qi Gong: On some retreats, a session of qi gong is offered daily. Mukti begins retreat by offering qi gong with instruction, and gently moves into a silent qi gong routine as the retreat deepens. To get a taste of what is offered on retreat, view Mukti’s Qi Gong Routine with Instruction, and view Mukti’s Qi Gong Routine in Silence.

Last Day: The retreat officially ends just before lunch. (Lunch is provided but attendance is optional.)

Participation Requirement

Adyashanti requires that all attendees arrive on time for retreat (by check-in on the first day) and plan to stay at the retreat site through the end of the retreat (just before lunch on the last day). There is no “commuter option.” All participants are required to secure housing at the retreat site using the group housing form provided. Please see the section on Full Silence above. Further guidelines regarding how to support the silence and retreat environment will be provided upon arrival.

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