Authentic Spiritual Practice


Authentic spiritual practice transcends our common limited views about what practice is and can be. In some nondual circles, the word “practice” can even be seen as a “bad” word. Adyashanti takes spiritual practice to a whole other level of embodiment, where realization and practice become one and the same.

Topics Include: 

  • How Practice Reflects Your Realization
  • Spiritual Practice Is Not Just for Beginners
  • The Attitude to Infuse into Your Practice
  • Confronting Yourself through Meditation
  • Realization Is Not Static
  • The Paradox of Realization
  • Showing Up for Each Moment
  • The Realized Embodied State of Being 

Quotes from this CD: 

“Can people awaken without any spiritual practice at all? It happens. But it also just happens that like about ninety-nine percent of the people that do have deep awakenings also had a spiritual practice.”

“The most important part of any spiritual practice is its authenticity, its honesty.”

“From the standpoint of realization, spiritual practice is actually an expression of the state of realization where the practice and the realization become the same thing.”

“Spiritual practice is just a way of being. It’s an honest way of showing up in life and not limited to any particular moment.”

“The interesting thing is that the more we exercise the love of truth, authenticity, and sincerity—and really show up—it’s almost like a spiritual muscle in us grows. As we exercise it, like anything, it gets more robust.” 

Please Note: This recording was originally published in the download set: Silent Retreat Vol. 66 – U.K. 2018  ~ Talks

Recorded in Woldingham, Surrey, U.K. on August 14, 2018. 
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.