Facing the Illusion of Fear


This exceptional 3-CD album features Adyashanti's most powerful and transformative teachings on the subject of fear. Fear is one of the primary ways that we avoid awakening and living an awakened life. As we get close to realizing our true nature, and even after awakening, we may fear losing control or not existing, or be terrified by the vastness beyond our limited view. Yet on the spiritual journey, fear can point the way toward a deeper realization and freedom -- but only if we truly understand it.

With an extended talk on the illusion of fear and in-depth explorations of how fear manifests before and after awakening, Adyashanti offers guidance on how to transform your relationship to fear:

CD 1: Facing the Illusion of Fear ~ Extended Talk

  • Can I Be Free of Fear Forever?
  • Our Greatest Fear
  • The Ultimate Cause of Fear

CD 2: Facing the Illusion of Fear ~ Before Awakening

  • The Birth of Fear
  • Chasing the Red Cape of Illusion
  • Running from Fear
  • Letting It Happen
  • Spiritual Casualties and Situational Fear
  • Where Fear Gets Its Power

CD 3: Facing the Illusion of Fear ~ After Awakening

  • Choosing Truth over Survival
  • Do I Need This?
  • Letting Go
  • The Illusion Called Death
  • Fear of Freedom
  • Intimacy with the Vastness
  • Leaving Loved Ones Behind

Compiled from talks and dialogues recorded in 2006-2008.