Healing the Core Wound of Unworthiness

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From Shame to Wholeness -- Inviting the Transformative Power of Grace

“So many of us hold a deep belief that we were born unworthy,” reflects Adyashanti, “inadequate, unlovable, and alone.” But what if, in truth, we weren’t put here to pay penance, change our karma, or “fix” ourselves? What if we chose to be here because we so loved the world that we poured ourselves into it -- to make it whole again, to restore “the hidden divinity amid the disaster?” With Healing the Core Wound of Unworthiness, we’re invited to entertain that possibility.

Even after years of meditation, Adyashanti felt an enduring sense of self-disappointment and failure. And he sensed it in nearly everyone he met -- even among the most confident, successful, and outwardly happy people. Then healing came to him in a profound experience of “redemptive love,” a reunion with the deepest ground of being. It is a gift offered to all of us -- without struggle or the need to earn it. In essence, it says to us: This is how I love you. And this is how you shall love all things and all beings.

Join this lucid teacher and author as he offers insights, meditations, and questions to help you bring your own self-created suffering into awareness, receive unconditional grace, reunite with all that arises, and bring it into every dimension of your life.


  • Identifying the unconscious cultural and personal stories at the core of shame and unworthiness
  • How love enters us through the cracks of crisis, loss, and despair
  • “Allow yourself to run out of time right now” -- how the urgency of mortality awakens grace
  • “I don’t know” -- a simple contemplation for expanding into the Unknown
  • What to do if you believe you’ve committed the absolutely unforgivable
  • Guided practices for restoring wholeness and inviting love's redemption