Caring for the World


Living in a world full of violence, poverty, discrimination, homelessness, hunger, degradation, and other forms of global suffering is incredibly painful for many people. Spiritual seekers from around the world come to Adyashanti with questions on how to deal with such afflictive conditions.

In this luminous 3-CD set of specially selected teachings (talks, dialogues, and practices), Adyashanti encourages us to completely reexamine our perspectives on world suffering and the place from which we respond. He reveals the underpinnings of true compassion, service, and activism, and offers an awakened context for how to be a more benevolent and healing presence in life. 

Topics include:

  • You Can Choose Peace
  • Activism from Inspiration
  • Facing the World’s Destruction
  • Truly Accepting What Is
  • Seeing Violence within Ourselves
  • Relating to One’s Powerlessness
  • Grounding Sensitive Energy
  • Letting Suffering Move Through
  • Serving vs. Changing Life
  • Compassion and Connectedness
  • Selfishness of Service
  • Always Perfect, Always Changing
  • Choosing Love over Fear
  • Waking Up for Others


“There is no correct way to be in the world. But there is always the possibility of acting from an undivided place, acting from a place of peace, so that your actions are expressions of peace, rather than expressions of anxiety, fear, or division.”

“Whatever we oppose in what we call ‘others’ is something we’re opposing in ourselves.”

“Whatever’s happening is simply what’s happening. It’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s not good, it’s not bad. All those are value judgments that we place on it, and then we pretend that our value judgment is what’s true. But our value judgment is just a value judgment, and all of our value judgments are conditioned."

“What we think about what’s happening often becomes more real and more important than what is happening.”

“The greatest gift that any of us have is our state of consciousness. We are all transmitting our state of consciousness whether we want to or not.”

“Acceptance is not the goal but the ground from which spontaneous right action arises.”

“The most beautiful thing in life is not being liberated -- it's helping everybody else along the way.”

Note: Compiled from talks and dialogues recorded in 2010-2017.