Death - The Essential Teachings


Whether you are grieving a loss, anticipating someone passing, in the dying process yourself, or experiencing the falling away of identification, this combination DVD/CD album covers the full spectrum of Adyashanti's teachings on the subject of death. Through this compilation of powerful talks and moving dialogues, Adyashanti guides us through the darkness of life's inevitable experience to the profound freedom that awaits in coming to grips with death on all of its levels -- psychologically, emotionally, physically, and existentially.

Please Note: This album contains 1 DVD and 3 CDs. The recordings have been selected from material previously made available on other products produced by Open Gate Sangha, 2002-2012.

Topics Include:

  • Death of the Psychological Self
  • Die Before You Die
  • Meeting the Fear of Death
  • Resistance to Aging
  • Facing Someone Dying
  • Grieving the Loss of Loved Ones
  • Teachings on Suicide
  • What Happens After Death?
  • The Journey of Identity Dying
  • Dying Into Life

Quotes from this Album:

“To eternity, death has no impact; death is more like changing the scene in a play, changing your clothes at the end of the day.”

“What you are is never born, never lives, and never dies. Birth, life, and death happen within what you are.”

“When the fear of death comes up, say yes.”

“Because our associations with death are wholly negative, we don’t see that death is an intrinsic part of life.”

“When you realize what you are now, the issue of death will solve itself.”