Coming Down the Mountain - Vol. 90


Coming Down the Mountain ~ Living the Enlightened Paradox

It is a very common spiritual temptation to pursue and remain in a constant state of realization. But is this what enlightenment is truly about? In this extensive talk, Adyashanti illuminates what it means to come down from the mountain after a profound spiritual shift and truly embody this realization. He explores living in the integrity of truth and embracing the paradox that life is always completely whole and perfect, yet forever evolving its infinite potential through the imperfect human experience.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Buddha's Final Temptation
  • Grasping for a Constant State of Well-Being
  • The Deepest Instinct of Humanity
  • How Perfection Includes Suffering
  • The "Already" Completion of Being
  • The Evolving Potential of Becoming
  • The Ways Relationship Challenges Us
  • Are You Living the Deepest Thing You Know?
  • The Practical Application of Enlightenment

Quotes from this DVD:

"Our minds have a hard time dealing with the paradox that life is whole and complete while also being a mess."

"Being and continuous becoming are happening at the same time. No matter how realized you get, you will have the human experience like anyone else."

"Suffering is a part of the perfection of life."

"The more open your heart is, the harder it is to brush off the sorrows of humanity."

"It's the human life that anchors spiritual realization."

"Realization can lead you to arrogance, where you think and hold onto the knowing that you are the totality. You are the totality, but you are also the totality experiencing yourself as a fallible human being."

Recorded in Oakland, California on August 19, 2017.

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