Wholeness Beyond Belief - Vol. 80


What most people experience in life is not reality -- it is unreality. We don't see how our minds constantly describe, interpret, and create our experiences and we mistakenly take these maps of reality for reality itself. In this extensive and illuminating talk, Adyashanti peels away the veils of the conceptual mind to reveal the reality that goes beyond any definition or belief of how things are. But don't believe what he says, look precisely for yourself and discover the un-believable wholeness that exists right before your very eyes.

Talk Topics Include:

  • What Is Wholeness?
  • Recognizing Unreality
  • Going Beyond Belief
  • Every Object Is the Universe
  • The Cosmic Question Mark
  • Meditation without Distraction
  • How Contraction Brings Quiet

Quotes from this DVD:

"It takes a whole universe to create a floor."

"People will make themselves miserable their whole lives because they think their ideas of what should or shouldn't be are real."

"One definition of reality is that you don't have to think it into existence."

"Belief shortcuts your own investigation."

"Meditation is not being distracted by your distractions."

"Enlightenment is not an altered state of consciousness -- it's coming out of an altered state of consciousness."

"Pay attention and reality will come find you."

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on November 21, 2015