1. Tuning InTo watch or listen to a broadcast go to the BROADCASTS page.
  2. To convert the scheduled broadcast time to your local time visit, scroll down, enter the broadcast date and time, click “submit,” then select your location.
  3. If you are using a Satellite connection for your internet, you may not be able to receive the broadcast.

Having Technical Difficulties?

  • If you do not hear audio, look for the audio speaker icon in the control bar and click on the “x” to activate audio.
  • If your video or audio player freezes or slows down during a broadcast, please wait for a few seconds. If it does not resume, refresh/reload the page.
  • If you share your internet connection with others who are watching movies or streaming audio, this will affect the quality and speed of your broadcast.
  • If you have technical difficulties during the program, see our Technical Support FAQ. If you still need help contact Technical Support.