Silent Retreat Vol. 65

Tahoe May 2018 ~ Q&A Sessions 7 MP3 Download 12 hrs. 18 min. $50.00

This 7-download set includes all of the Q&A sessions with Adyashanti and retreat attendees during the May 2018 silent retreat at Granlibakken Conference Center.

Please Note: The Talks and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.

Q&A Session Topics Include:

  • You without a Past
  • Experiencing Death before Dying
  • On Good and Evil
  • Finding Buddha Nature Right Now
  • Distinguishing Awareness and Consciousness
  • Working with Deep Fear
  • Two Kinds of “I Don't Know”
  • The Source of Unenlightenment
  • Shooting Arrows at 'Me'
  • Bringing Ease to Somatic Experiences
  • Teachings for Struggling Meditators
  • Soul Values Enlivening Themselves
  • Seeing the Divinity in Yourself and Others
  • Experiencing the Ground of Being
  • How Presence Can Navigate Your Life
  • Delving into Unworthiness

Quotes from this Download Set:

"The biggest barrier to anyone's awakening is their belief that it's rare or impossible. 'I don't know' is a better, more honest place to live."

"Awakening is not about a particular state of consciousness; it's about the common element in all states of consciousness."

"Whatever we don't allow ourselves to experience becomes our hang-ups."

"If you can't do anything but struggle, at least do it consciously."

"Let the light of awareness come alive in the heart. It may feel more effortful for a while. Then there can be resting in the heart of awareness."

"Recognizing our divinity is extremely important for the world."

"Unless we are true to our own deepest calling, there's a price to be paid."

"Is there something about you that isn't defined by your past?"

"The fundamental illusion is that 'I' am aware."

"The highest form of meditation is where you sit down and meditation does itself."

"Exploring soul values is like a musician; when you perform, the practitioner disappears. At a certain point you're not working with soul values anymore; they are just intrinsically alive and vital in you."

"What's looking through your eyes is awareness."

"An ‘enlightened ego’ is someone who finds identity in enlightenment."

"Trust the quiet presence inside yourself."

Recorded in Tahoe City, California on May 18 - 25, 2018.
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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