Silent Retreat Vol. 65
Tahoe May 2018 ~ Talks 6 MP3 Download 6 hrs. 50 min. $40.00

This 6-download set contains all of the Morning Talks from the May 2018 silent retreat at Granlibakken Conference Center, including the first evening talk. 

Please Note: The Q&A Sessions and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.            

Talk Topics Include:  

  • The Immediate Sense of Being
  • Untying the Knot of Ego
  • Beyond the Intimacy of Unity
  • Embodying Realization without Claiming It
  • Attention Affects Our Quality of Life
  • Completely Occupying This Moment
  • The Three Levels of Taking the One Seat
  • The Key to Freedom
  • Who Is Experiencing Experience? 
  • Orienting around Self-Transcending Values
  • Waking from the Narration of “Me”
  • Connecting Love and Truth
  • The Integrity of Facing the Unknown
  • The Primal Contraction
  • Discovering the Infinite Nothingness

Quotes from this Download Set:

"To relinquish our egoic perspective, we must have the complete willingness to embody any given moment without strategizing to make that moment as advantageous and comfortable as possible."

"A big part of taking the one seat is that you take 100% responsibility for whatever you're experiencing in any moment.

"See that all of our suffering is being generated in the present moment by the way we are relating to that moment."

"There can be two orientations to the moment: 'How do I change this experience I'm having?' or 'Who is having the experience I'm having?'"

"The idea that anything is completely separate from anything else is laughable. At any level of analysis, separation will eventually breakdown."

"As soon as your mind stops creating your subjective world, your subjective world ceases. The subjective experience is a waking dream."

"The sense of tremendous intimacy and timelessness increases the more we wake up from our mind."

"The inner commentator is making continuous value judgments, and that's where all the suffering comes from."

"Within the narrative is the assumption that there's some sort of inner character that all this is happening to. The 'inner me' plays the starring role in your life."

"Bumping into eternity isn't necessarily the endpoint. But it makes possible a whole different kind of engagement in life. It allows you to jump back in without fear."

"There isn't anything that's not you."

"The ground of being is found when we fall out of mystical orientation. Even in mystical orientation there is an expansive self."

"Your true being is that which is looking for the truth of your being. It's like looking for your glasses when they're on top of your head."

"It's awareness that lets go of mind."

"True surrender isn't surrendering to something. It's the act of relinquishing whatever is keeping “me” on the surface." 

"The danger of any revelatory experience is human inflation, thinking you're more evolved than others."

"There isn't a finishing line. There are only thresholds."

Recorded in Tahoe City, California on May 18 - 25, 2018.
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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