Silent Retreat Vol. 67
Tahoe Sept 2018 ~ Talks 6 MP3 Download 6 hrs. 44 min. $40.00

This 6-download set contains all of the Talks from the September 2018 silent retreat at Granlibakken Conference Center including the first evening talk and the morning talks. This set also includes the final morning session (on Day 6), which is included in the Q&A download set because it contains dialogues as well as a talk.

Please Note: The Q&A Sessions and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.           

Talk Topics Include:  

  • How We Distract Ourselves from What’s True
  • The Nonresisting Nature of Silence
  • Are You Suppressing Any Experience?
  • Where Thoughts Come From
  • Discovering the Ground of Ego
  • The Boundary of the Conscious and Unconscious
  • The Numinous Individual
  • The Endless Disclosing of True Nature
  • Compassionate Regard for the World
  • The Origin of Opposites
  • The Connection between Divine Ground and Human Being
  • The Key to Spiritual Attitude
  • How Meditation Embodies True Nature
  • Relinquishing as an Act of Love
  • The Significance of Authenticity
  • The Courage to Meet Yourself
  • What Values Do You Want to Embody?

Quotes from this Download Set:

“Retreat is where we come to stop avoiding ourselves. We let go of the way we distract ourselves from what is.”

“Sometimes when it feels like things are going most wrong, they are actually going most right.”

“Silence is that within you that isn’t asserting what it knows.”

“The deepest root of our spiritual instinct goes beyond our personal wishes.”

“The most underutilized discipline is the discipline of enjoying yourself.”

“There is no such thing as successful suppression.”

“You thought you were the creator of your experience, but you are actually the recipient.”

“There is a boundary between what you’re conscious of and what you’re unconscious of. When you hit this boundary, only the unconscious can take you the rest of the way.”

“The last thing we look at is the looking itself.” 

“The desire to connect is the desire for wholeness. The feeling of connection is a foretaste of a deeper essential unity.”

“Get off your own back." 

“If the divine ground were innately self-aware from the beginning, the human wouldn’t be needed. The human role couldn’t be more important.” 

“The divine ground is seeking to have the clearest possible experience of itself in form.”

“Too much heaven turns into hell.” 

“We are wholeness, not perfection.” 

“If you battle with yourself, the winner and loser are the same person.”

“If the love of God is infused in your whole approach, nothing is treated with disdain, even the darkest things within a human being.”

“The conjoining of opposites is an experiential state of realization.”

Recorded Tahoe City, California on September 16 - 212018.
© 2018 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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