The Christ Creative Principle

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In the same way that good poetry evokes and enlightens something within us, the Jesus story is meant to do the same—to illuminate a clarity of consciousness where we see Christ not only as a man, but also as the transcendent creative force of all existence. In this 2017 Christmas Intensive, Adyashanti shares teachings from the gospels that reveal how the Kingdom of Heaven is truly spread upon the earth, if we can recognize Christ in everyone and everything.   

Topics Include:  

  • Christ as the Creative Principle of Existence 
  • Christ as Man and Transcended Man 
  • How Stories Carry Mystical Truths 
  • Teachings from the Gospels of John and Mark 
  • The Significance and Symbolism of Water in Rituals 
  • Jesus’ Awakening at the River Jordan 
  • Our Universal Orientation toward Deepest Truth  
  • The Highest Expression of Love 
  • The Embrace of Infallibility and Vulnerability 
  • The Light that Sees Darkness and Light 
  • The Blessing of Being Still 
  • The Transformative Effect of Returning to Your Origin 
  • The Meaning of Being Poor in Spirit 
  • Tasting Your Own Experience of Being 


“Stories can convey truths in way that nonfictional descriptions cannot do.” 

“Don’t think that when you have a moment of awakening, that that’s the end of the whole thing. This is the beginning of the story. The Jesus story starts with an insight, an ‘aha!’”  

“Every religion on earth needs somebody to come along every now and then and literally breathe new life into it; to shake the structures; to rattle the cage. But not just because they merely want to rattle the cage, but because they’re reinvigorating it with the light of being, with the light of insight. And all the structures that get built over the centuries, the way that an original insight gets concretized has to be re-enlivened. And generally, religions aren’t particularly thankful for it.” 

“The Jesus story is basically a story of having the lights really turned on inside of you, both the beauty and the perils.”

“There is a part of us that seeks the vertical, authenticity, truth, and connection in the truest sense. We seek the deepest, most meaningful experience of being possible. To me, that impulse is hardwired into every one of us human beings.”

“One of the other teachings in the amazing story of Jesus is that it is about love, and not only about love, but what you do for love. It’s about discovering a self-transcending value.” 

“There’s a quiet space inside that is the source of our yearning. We look past it a thousand times in a single week.” 

“Any time we meet each other, we’re actually meeting more of an etheric presence staring back at us.” 

“Many of Jesus’ references to the Kingdom of Heaven were a way of saying, ‘Return to the first Genesis, the innocent state.’”  

“When we go underneath the interpretative structure of the mind, even for an instant, when we come back from that instant, the world looks different.” 

Recorded in Oakland, California on December 16, 2017.
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