The Universal Psyche

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What does it mean to let go at the core of the ego structure and experience the ultimate dimension of being? Adyashanti explains what keeps us treading on the surface of egoic consciousness. He then explores diving into the depths of our unconscious psyche, where we can encounter the unimaginable, vast, and universal nature of the divine.  

Topics Include: 

  • “Divinity Words” Represent an Experience of Being 
  • Diving into the Unconscious Psyche 
  • What Letting Go Is All About 
  • Letting Go of the Life Preservers  
  • Underneath Personal Yearning 
  • Two Ways to See Ego 
  • Pure Infinite Potentiality 
  • How the One Recognizes Itself 
  • The Gateless Gate 
  • The Immense Domain of the Psyche


“By not grasping at the content of experience, it’s like you’re not grasping any life preserver. At some point, you’ll start to go down below the surface. Underneath the content, it’s really quiet. Right there is the first intimation of the inconceivable nature of the divine, which is the inconceivable nature of what lies below your conscious recognition.” 

“Letting go means you’re not just treading water.” 

“Consciousness, in a certain sense, is another word for the human psyche, or a capacity that which lights up the human psyche. In essence, they’re the same thing.”  

“When we say the word ‘consciousness,’ it’s so unimaginably vast that it reaches beyond any conceivable definition. Nobody’s even come close to it. Nobody really knows what it is.”   

“Inquiry is a means of inquiring into what is currently occupying you. You don’t have to ask, ‘How do I go deeper?’ That’s never the relevant question; it’s ‘How do I let go of what’s currently keeping me where I am?’” 

“When we awaken, we’re seeing the world through the eyes of totality.” 

“The more unconscious you are, the more vulnerable you are to the negative aspects of the unconscious; the negative aspects generally manifest through states of being unconscious.”  

“The totality is the ultimate conjoined paradox of being. It’s not one, and it’s not two. It’s the dance.” 

Please Note: This recording was originally published in the download set: Silent Retreat Vol. 68: Omega Oct 2018 ~ Talks.

Recorded at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York on October 7, 2018.
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