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The Ripening of Realization Santa Fe Intensive ~ February 2019 6 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 4 min. $40.00

As spiritual realization matures, freedom is no longer seen as a particular condition that we need to be in all the time. We can shift in and out of different perspectives, all the while moving from the depths of being. During this weekend Santa Fe intensive that includes talks, dialogues, and guided meditations, Adyashanti illuminates important distinctions in how spiritual awakening ripens and manifests in our everyday human experience.

Talk Topics:

  • Methods of Looking into One’s True Nature
  • Two Extremes of Identification
  • The Disengaging Aspect of Transcendence 
  • How the Initial State of Revelation Changes
  • The Freedom within Many Perspectives 
  • Adyashanti’s Version of the Middle Way
  • The Importance of Putting Faith in Silence
  • Accessing the Depth of Being
  • The Always Ground of Awareness
  • Two Kinds of Meditative Inquiry
  • The Illusion of All Self-Images
  • Initial Awakening vs. Lived Awakening
  • High-Level Delusions
  • Translating Awakening into Human Life
  • What Actually Is the Spiritual Instinct? 

Q&A Topics:

  • Dealing with Unresolved Issues after Awakening
  • Key Elements of Spiritual Maturity
  • Getting Underneath Feeling Numb and Cut-Off
  • Fierce Love
  • The Whole Human Spectrum
  • Welcoming Shadow Dimensions of Consciousness 
  • The Deeper “I Am-ness”
  • Awareness Is
  • Different Types of Knowing
  • The Spontaneous Arising of Experience
  • Grounding Kundalini Energy
  • Embracing the Whole Arc of Life

Guided Meditation: The Underlying Quietness
(Another guided meditation is included as part of the first download.) 


“One of those commonalities is the overwhelming majority of people that have even very deep and profound spiritual openings are not going to stay in the same state of revelation with the same intensity that it first showed itself.”

“The great freedom is found when we realize that what we are does not depend on whatever the narration of the moment is—good, bad, indifferent, whatever it might be.”  

“Often the counter-swing that comes with spiritual awakening is a deep and profound sense of transcendence. There’s a great sense of freedom with that. But, also the world needs us to be able to occupy our particular position in life.”  

“One of the hallmarks of a more mature realization is that we’re more comfortable with living and knowing paradox, because every paradox, if you think about it, is the coming together of opposites.”

“If the ego co-opts awakening, it uses the experience of freedom and beyond duality as an excuse to do whatever it wants but to feel really good about it. And think it’s enlightened.”

“The greatest teaching comes out of silence. To enter a moment of silence is, in a way, a kind of leap of faith; faith that silence itself is a kind of pregnant ground from which not only revelation, but great creativity can arise as well.”

Recorded in Santa Fe, New Mexico on February 2 and 3, 2019.
© 2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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