The Way of Liberating Insight

Audio Course ~ 2015 25 MP3 Download, 4 PDF Download 22 hrs. 10 min. $135.00

“At the end of the day, we’re talking about embodying the deep spiritual realities of life into our human expression.” ~ Adyashanti 

Delve deeper into your spiritual journey than ever before with the guidance of Adyashanti’s teachings on the embodiment of spiritual insight. Based on the original live online course, The Way of Liberating Insight (2015), this audio course emphasizes removing blockages of the mind and emotional body that impede living from the enlightened mind and heart in everyday life. 

More specifically, this course helps evoke liberating insight in three pillars of enlightened living:

  • Fundamental Insight into the nature of reality
  • Emotional Insight into true emotional maturity and integration
  • Embodiment Insight, which illuminates the daily living and functioning of enlightened wisdom and love

Originally led over four months, this 29-download set consists of:

  • 8 two-hour sessions with Adyashanti that include talks and dialogues with original course participants (audio downloads)
  • 16 weekly exercises to apply the course teachings (audio downloads)
  • 3-section guide containing summary notes of all sessions and the written Q&A between Adyashanti and course participants. (121 pages in printable PDF)
  • Guidelines on how to best take the course (PDF)

Topics Include: 

  • The Fundamental Insight
  • The Ground of Being
  • Being Simply Aware
  • The Inner Resource of Peace
  • From Experiencing to Realization
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Developing Emotional Maturity and Inner Stability
  • The Wisdom of Forgiving Yourself
  • Our Addictive Demands on Life
  • Humanness Is an Expression of Unity
  • The 4 Inner Arguments
  • Resistance Inhibits Transformation
  • The Dark Power of Unacknowledged Emotional Forces
  • Motivations of Ego vs. Soul
  • Resilience through Difficulty
  • The Courage to Align with Soul
  • The Embodiment of Insight
  • Authentic Concern for All
  • The Spontaneous Flow of Reality


“Emotional maturity is not something that automatically happens because we have some degree of spiritual insight."

“This is about being able to find a reference within yourself that can be its own resource of peace. That inner resource of peace is actually your own true nature.”

“At the deepest foundation of your being, when you strip away all that is nonessential, there is just this field of awareness. The quality of awareness doesn’t come to peace. It is at peace all the time.”

“Being ‘only awareness’ is not something that you do; it’s something you notice is always present within you."

“Nobody is making you feel what you are feeling. Your reactions are caused by how you interpret any situation. This is so important because it means that you ultimately become your own resource of emotional freedom and truth.”

“The predominant belief in Western culture is a sense of unworthiness. We need to look at this core sense of unworthiness, this feeling that essentially there is something wrong.”

“One of the primary ways we suffer is when we are addicted to not wanting the world to be the way it is.”

“Ego loves to be served; the soul loves to serve.”

“If it’s all one, then ultimately this humanness is also a manifestation of the one reality: Buddha nature, Christ consciousness, God, or whatever you might call it.”

“Whatever we suppress tends to turn into a darker and more shadowy form than what we started out with. It’s almost as if it’s trying to insist that you deal with it.”

“We need the challenges of the world. They drive us to become more clear by shining the light on our shadows. That’s part of how life wakes up to itself.”

“The soul has a different life orientation than the me. It doesn’t care about success, or being liked or celebrated. It’s that within us which is un-self-centered. It’s not trying to meet the ‘me’s’ demands.”

“To embody deep spiritual insight, we must develop a courageous and loving heart that can act and respond to the challenges of living from the ground of our being.”

“It’s our authentic concern for the community of all beings that keeps us from being too self-oriented. We become unconflicted and spiritually clear enough so that we can actually contribute and participate in life in a way that’s much more aligned with Truth.”

Recorded in San Jose, California, February-May 2015.
© 2015-2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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