The World of Interrelatedness

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When we recognize this moment for what it truly is, we see that all of existence is one big aware interrelationship. But this interrelatedness goes far beyond the notion of things being in relationship with one another. Adyashanti explores how our world is interrelatedness itself, and how we can relate to all of life from this enlightened perception.

Topics Include:

  • This Moment Is Interrelatedness 
  • Perceiving without the Dualistic Filter
  • The Profound Intangibility of Things
  • Mature Freedom
  • Relating from Nonattachment


“When we actually perceive the “thusness” or “suchness” of something, we’re actually perceiving it to be nothing but interrelatedness itself.”

“’Things interrelating’ is sort of a misunderstanding of what interrelation is. At the most fundamental level, interrelationship is just that—it’s interrelating. It’s not ‘things interrelating.’ Things end up to be themselves interrelatedness.”

“What enlightenment is, is seeing that awareness and the objects of awareness are actually not different.”

"This moment is being awareness, and being awareness is this very moment. It's always that way."

Please Note: This recording was originally published in the download set: Silent Retreat Vol. 71 ~ Talks:  Garrison April 2019.

Recorded during the Garrison retreat in Garrison, New York, on April 10, 2019.
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