Disassembling the Psychological Self

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The psychological self can come apart either piece-by-piece or all at onceWhat are you when the form of “you” disassembles itself? Adyashanti reveals the formless consciousness that presents itself when complete and effortless letting go happens. It is then that you recognize yourself to be both the total environment of the cosmos as well as a unique expression of the whole environment.

Topics Include:

  • What Is the Psychological Self?
  • Form Is Emptiness and Emptiness Is Form
  • Two Kinds of Self-Consciousness
  • Disassembling the Psychological “You”
  • What Actually Wakes Up?
  • Nothing Exists Without Its Environment


“The environment is as much you as your hands and feet, eyes, heart, and lungs are—because none of those things exist in the absence of an environment.”

“You can’t reach out and grasp your awareness. The consciousness that’s looking through your eyes, that’s looking in the microscope, has a hard time getting itself under the microscope.”

“In spirituality, often self-consciousness is used to get beyond self-consciousness.”

“Let go right into the ten thousand things. Or let go right into nothing, being nothing—whichever wants to reveal itself to you. And then stand up. Embody your human incarnation, and go forth expressing that which is the most important thing to you.”

Recorded at the Woudschoten Conference Center in Zeist, The Netherlands on August 9, 2019.
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