Silent Retreat Vol. 75 ~ Talks

Tahoe ~ September 2019 6 MP3 Download 6 hrs. 57 min. $40.00  $30.00

This 6-download set contains all of the Talks from the May 2019 silent retreat at Granlibakken Tahoe including the first evening talk and the morning talks. (Note: The last morning session includes both Q&A and a talk; this recording is also included in the Q&A download set.)

Please Note: The Q&A Sessions and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.       

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Most Powerful Spiritual Gateway
  • Accessing the Unconscious Mind
  • The Divine Paradox
  • Relaxing the Mind into Stillness
  • The Fallacy of Thinking We Know Ourselves
  • Recognizing Any Resistance 
  • The Foundation of All Experience
  • Objectless Consciousness 
  • Not Stopping at Halfway Enlightenment
  • Reorienting the Lens of Wrongness
  • Disassembling Yourself into Emptiness
  • The Bodhisattva View of Absolute Completion
  • Bottom-Up Spirituality
  • How Suffering Helps Transformation
  • Maturing Your Realization
  • The Exit and Re-entry of Realization
  • Delusions of Realization
  • Being Home in the World


“Trying to let go and letting go are mutually exclusive experiences.”

“It’s not what you do. It’s where you do it from." 

“The most fundamental delusion is that somehow you are apart from life.”

“When we awaken, it is really the ground of the unconscious that awakens. This is the realization of wholeness.”

“Our problem is really not that we don’t know who we are, but that we really think we know who we are.”

“Stillness is an experience of no resistance.”

“We can take ourselves right to the edge, but you can’t force the ground of being to realize itself.”

“We see ourselves as a problem to solve in direct proportion to how disconnected we are from ourselves.”

“The whole ego structure becomes transparent in direct proportion to how okay we are with it.

“Spiritual inquiry is disassembling the conglomeration of beliefs.”

“Negative emotion is our body telling us we are not in harmony with what is.”

“Awareness is not something you possess. It is not something you as an ego are doing. It’s actually something that you are. That’s why you can’t get a look at awareness. You can’t get apart from it, because awareness is always the thing that’s looking. You can’t see your seeing.”

“The danger of realization is when we have certain realizations, because each facet of awakening will feel total and complete, we will feel total and complete. And we can make these false conclusions, like that’s it. ‘I’ve got it.’”

“The resistance to suffering is in great measure the cause of continued suffering.”

“The finite world of things and events is an expression of the infinite.”

“If you hold yourself up in a supreme sort of realized state, it’s not going to function as well as it could. And it’s not as complete as it could be. And there will always be something holding on.”   

“At some point you’ll kind of re-circle and you’re at home in the world. You’re at home in your own skin. You’re at home in the essential. You’re at home in the infinite. You’re at home in the finite. You’re at home with the limited. You’re at home in your humanity. You’re just home.” 

“In almost any state of realization, there are a host of potential illusions. In other words, you can delude yourself and use your realization to accomplish the delusion.” 

Recorded at Granlibakken Tahoe in Tahoe City, California on September 22-272019.
© 2019 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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