The Intrinsic Call of Truth
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There is something intrinsic to all human beings that calls from beneath the layered definitions, concepts, and beliefs about ourselves and life. Adyashanti explores what it means to truly turn within and discover this intrinsic call of truth. It is the source of our yearning, the essence of our unity and uniqueness, and it awaits our recognition to fully express itself.

Topics Include: 

  • Listening to the Quiet 
  • Discovering What’s Intrinsic to All Beings
  • The “There’s Something Wrong with Me” Identity
  • How Conceptualization Separates Us
  • Going to the Source of Yearning
  • Ideas of God vs. Experience of God
  • How Spirituality Can Be Counterintuitive
  • Is There an End to Embodying Enlightenment?


“Let the part of the mind that's looking for information, or trying to fit things together in our philosophical system, just relax.”

“The capacity to conceptualize and make pieces of the whole into actually seemingly distinct, separate pieces starts to change our experience. We feel the separateness.”  

“To turn within actually means turn around. We can turn within and start grasping and seeking in the same way we grasp and seek outside. We look for this experience and that experience—but turn within really means, ‘stop.’”

“There's something inside of us that seeks to embody itself. It's not the ego-identity. It's something else, whatever you want to call it, the Christ-nature, the Buddha-nature, or Spirit—and that's its whole journey.”

“Before awakening and after awakening, before union and after union, we're left inside with something that you can't grasp, and you can't get it into an idea. It's actually looking out through everybody's eyes right now. You can't grasp it—but it's there. And it's not a thing. And it's not just for special people.”

“In the realization of unity, all beings are all always and already Buddhas. It seems unimaginable. The Christ nature runs through the core of every being—whatever your name for sacredness is.”

Recorded in London, U.K. on August 16, 2019.
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