The Heart of Spiritual Practice

January 15, 2020 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 26 min. $10.00

The heart of spiritual practice is the practice of inner listening and discovering what you value most deeply. As you tune into self-transcending values and recognize your caring for the world, your mode of being in life actually becomes your spiritual practice. Adyashanti shows how real spiritual practice is about a heartful expression of what is most true and meaningful to each of us. 

Topics Include:

  • The Foundation of Spirituality
  • Self-Transcending Values
  • Listening to the Call of Spirituality
  • Spirituality as an Expression of Our Values
  • The Unknown Dimension Inside Us
  • Recognizing Our Deep Caring
  • Getting to the Root of Suffering
  • The Truth of This Moment


"Our spirituality needs to be an expression of that which we value most highly in life."

"Real spiritualityspirituality beyond mere beliefbegins when we start to call our life into question."

"We are all happiest when we are serving that which in life is most meaningful to us."

"If we're not listening, then spirituality is just the pursuit of one idea after another, and we'll always remain unsatisfied and ungrounded in our lives."

"Spirituality, in its deep sense, begins when we see the futility of endlessly trying to control experience. If we don't see that, then we'll use all of our spiritual practices as a means to control experience."

Recorded in San Jose, California on January 15, 2020.
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