The Awakened Connection to Soul

Portland Intensive ~ February 2020 5 MP3 Download 8 hrs. 19 min. $40.00

In a world constantly filled with noise and distraction—especially within the internal constructs of one's own mind—we have individually and culturally lost connection to the quieter and deeper essence of our being, of our true nature, of our soul. In these talks, dialogues, and guided meditations from the Portland Intensive, Adyashanti reveals how we can not only connect to our ever-present sacred essence, but also operate from this place in a more wise, compassionate, and balanced way in our everyday human lives.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Limited View from Ego 
  • Moving beyond the Boundaries of Identity
  • The Intimate Sense of Unity
  • Pure Potentiality of the Ground of Being
  • The Habituated Contraction of Self
  • A Broad Definition of Soul
  • The Cultural Sense of Meaninglessness
  • Our Intangible Essence
  • Experiencing the Sacred
  • The Fundamental Sense of Belonging
  • Being Possessed by Beliefs
  • How Experience Arises
  • The Peace Already within You
  • Unknowing the Known

Q&A Topics Include:

  • What Actually Is Intuition?
  • Aligning Spiritual Orientation during Work
  • Beneath the Fear of the Unknown
  • Embracing Your Whole Human Spectrum
  • Healing Unworthiness
  • Losing Your Inner World
  • The Motivation for Becoming Famous
  • The Relationship between Body Energy Centers and Connection
  • True Speech
  • The Fear of Losing Identities
  • How Spiritual Teachings Are Like Medicine
  • Beneath Negative or Positive Identities
  • The Fullness of Emptiness


“We see the world to a great degree through whatever assemblage point our identity is functioning through.”

“Unity is not a philosophical idea; it's an intimacy.” 

“The pure potentiality of the Ground of being is infinite. It has an endless capacity to reveal itself.”

“You can either experience union or go all the way to actual unity.”

“There’s a kind of awakening which isn’t an event; it’s sort of an on-going verb. It’s not like you cross a finish line and go ‘Ok, I’ve graduated. I’m awakened. I’ve got my certificate.’”

“When you look into a mirror, you see the personhood, you see the body. You can evoke all the old memories and personality characteristics. But there’s an irreducible element that can’t be reduced to all those preferences and old identities. There’s a sort of irreducible presence of being. A conscious intangibility.”

“Great realization often comes with some real encounter with humanness.”

“There’s a dimension of being, the foundation of being, that is always in the state of open, aware ease and peace.”

“Spirituality actually comes from the same place in us that childhood wonder does.”

“The more you know who and what you are, the more who and what you are becomes mysterious to you.”

Recorded in Portland, Oregon on February 8-9, 2020.
© 2020 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: DS-1139