Silent Retreat Vol. 79 ~ Q&A Sessions

European Online Retreat ~ August 2020 4 MP3 Download 7 hrs. 24 min. $40.00

This 4-download set includes all of the Q&A sessions with Adyashanti and retreat attendees during the August 2020 European online silent retreat.

Please Note: The Talks and Guided Meditations from this retreat are available for purchase separately.

Q&A Session Topics Include:

  • Suffering—The Profound Motivator
  • Waking Up vs. Growing Up
  • Beyond Worthiness or Unworthiness
  • The Differentiating Function of Ego 
  • The Dynamic Quality of Allowing Things as They Are
  • The Energetic Component of Awakening
  • The Spontaneous Arising and Passing of Everything
  • The Fear of Ego Annihilation
  • How Self-Kindness Opens Inner Doorways
  • How the Longing for Union Comes from Union
  • Where the Lover Disappears into the Beloved
  • Two Key Aspects of the Spiritual Instinct
  • The Paradox of Effort in Spiritual Practice
  • Being a Contribution to the World


“Spiritual practice eventually will checkmate your ego.”

“Your mind is like an avoidance machine.”

“Spirituality can be a segmented thing where you have your spiritual practice and your daily life. But your life is your practice.”

“Your own awareness is always allowing every experience to be there, even the experience of repressing experiences. ”

“Awareness is like the sun—it shines on the good and bad alike.”

“Practice is the practice of rooting our attention into the immediacy of now, not orienting practice toward a goal somewhere outside of now.”

“Each moment, each happening, each thought, each decision is actually a manifestation of the totality. There’s not a little tiny ‘me’ in there deciding what to do or not to do. That decision itself—the impulse to make one decision as opposed to another decisionis coming from a greater totality.”

“What if the whole world felt like your true body?”

“Allowing everything to be as it is isn’t a goal; it’s not an endpoint. It’s a place from which a truly creative way of being, maybe even an awakened way of being, can arise out of that foundation.”

“You accept the world as it is with all its craziness and its beauty and its violence and its peace and its love and everything that it is. But that’s not an end point. That doesn’t make you blind to seeing that there’s a lot of help that is needed out there. The world needs us. It doesn’t make us blind to that. We can accept something and still work to change it.”

“So often fear is underneath our resistances. We don't feel the fear because the resistance is a covering emotion.”

“Our longing for union comes from union, even though it doesn't feel like that. We only know that when we've completely returned to where the longing came from — from the point of origin. Then we discover a union that was always there, but we weren't conscious of it.”

“If we’re really going to be functionally clear and awake, we can’t just rely on transcending the emotional body.”

“The most transformative agents in the world are those people who are focused on what they're for and not obsessed with what they are against.”

Recorded iSan Jose, California on August 9-142020.
© 2020 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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