The Boundless Awakened Heart

Online Intensive ~ August 29, 2020 3 MP3 Download 4 hrs. 40 min. $25.00

Love is such an integral aspect of our true nature that the two cannot be separated. Many of the powerful teachings of nondual awakening are oriented more toward what Adyashanti calls awakened mind than awakened heart. This is because awakened mind is generally more accessible to most people than awakened heart is, yet the deeper and richer dimensions of spiritual awakening include both awakened mind and awakened heart. It is a realization characterized by awakening not only from identification with the conceptual and image making mind, but also to the rich and loving connectedness that naturally flows out of the awakened heart of our true nature.

Underneath so many of our personal and interpersonal conflicts—as well as our cultural, political, and environmental problems—lies a deep and profound lack of heartfelt caring and love. We have become so addicted to our conceptual identities and our personal and collective ideologies that we have forgotten that beneath all of our differences of outlook and background, we share a common bond of heart connection and caring for one another. We have endless ways of expressing our differences of opinion through modern technology, but our collective heart is atrophying with devastating consequences.

In this download set of the August online intensive, Adyashanti offers teachings and guided meditations that focus on awakening and connecting with the boundless heart and loving regard that is a completely natural aspect of our true nature. This deeper connection to love is both an individual blessing as well as a shared acknowledgement of life’s unfathomable interconnectedness. The experience of unity is more than an enlightened aspect of divine wisdom—it is also a heartfelt experience and feeling of loving connectedness inherent to the deepest core of our being. 

Topics Include:

  • The Deepest Experience of Unity
  • Perceiving the Unity of Subject and Object
  • The Caring within Outrage
  • The Spiritual Heart vs. the Human Heart
  • Seeing through the Narratives of Identification
  • Feeling the Entirety of the Interconnected Human Experience
  • A Different Love from the Boundless Heart
  • Responding to Life from a Connected Place
  • The North Star of Embodied Realization
  • The Already Existing Meditative State
  • Getting beneath Meaninglessness
  • Untying Identification from Trauma Experiences
  • The Silence of the Heart


“The boundless heart is that within us where we intuitively perceive and experience unity and connection.”

“The boundless heart is the generator of the deepest experience of love, of compassion, of agape, of intimacy.”

“The spiritual heart is also something far vaster than anything we can classify as any kind of experience. It’s the capacity to perceive our true body, our true being, our true nondual reality.”

“The human heart can’t contain the magnitude of the awakened boundless heart.”

“The reality is that we are completely interconnected with everything. In fact, we are interconnectedness itself.”

“Keep abiding in the silence of the heart.”

“The spiritual heart affects the human heart in the sense of when that perception opens up to unity, it has a deep effect on the human heart. We feel that unity. It’s a tremendous intimacy of being.”

“It’s not necessarily that every opinion you have or every preference you have disappears. What disappears is the identity that goes along with them. And that’s a great relief—because when we have identity in all these things, it’s so easy to attack us.”

“What does it take for even a single body to exist? It takes all of life.”

“This whole world of apparent form is an expression of true nature. Whether we call it an illusion or not an illusion, a dream or not a dream, this right here, right now, wherever you may be, whatever part of the world you may be in, whatever room you’re in, that right there, your whole environment—that’s also an expression of the ultimate.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on August 29, 2020.
© 2020 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved. 

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