The Essence of Self-Inquiry

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Often in spiritual inquiry when people ask the question “Who am I?” there is a fundamental mistaken assumption that there is an “I” to find. Adyashanti delineates the way to shift from the common mind-oriented self-inquiry to an immediate and direct experience of our true essence.

Topics Include:

  • Our Fundamental Mistaken Assumption 
  • What Is the Real You? 
  • The Illusion of Mind-Created Boundaries
  • The Immediate & Direct Experience of Being 
  • Do You Exist or Not? 
  • The Undivided View 
  • Being the Knowing 


“To ask ‘Who am I?’ isn’t really assuming that there is an I there. It’s kind of calling the whole notion into question.”

“There isn’t a self behind the thought or within the thought. The self is the thought.”

“The whole point of inquiry is failing. We fail to find ourselves as we expect to find ourselves. But if we fail well, we fail at finding ourselves as something particular, and maybe we just fall into our True Nature.”

“Even though God transcends the faces of God, it doesn’t mean God is apart from those faces.”

Please Note: This recording was originally published in the download set: Silent Retreat Vol. 80 ~ Talks  

Recorded iSanta Cruz, California on July 212021.

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