Individuality and the Totality

January 11, 2023 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 32 min. $10.00

Responding to emailed questions on the experience of realization, Adyashanti examines paradoxes that come with abiding simultaneously in both sides of awakening—being the totality of existence as well as a unique expression of the totality.

Topics Include:

  • The Universal Quality of Our Unique Journey
  • Using Transcendental Wisdom to Embrace Paradoxes 
  • Having a Foot in Both the Totality and Uniqueness
  • Self as a Process not an Entity
  • Dealing With Fear when Losing Identification


“The deeper you go, the more profound the paradoxes get.”

“When we talk of no self or there is no self, it’s important to remember that what we’re talking about is no permanent entity. It doesn’t mean there is no psychological process called a self.”

“Don’t assume that because you have a human moment of challenge that your true nature—and the knowing of it—has just disappeared or isn’t there.”

“The most important teacher is always going to come from deep within you.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on January 11, 2023.
© 2023 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved. 

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