The Source of Wisdom

April 5, 2023 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 25 min. $10.00

Adya speaks of wisdom as embodied knowledge, born of our immediate experience of being and our communion with depth. He points out that, through deep focus and inquiry, we can discover the source of being that expresses as opposites arising within its ever-present, unifying field.

Topics Include:

  • Dropping the Orienting Mechanisms of the Ego in Spiritual Practice
  • Spiritual Instinct vs. Egocentric Spiritual Agenda
  • The Lasting Effects of Touching the Ground of Being


“Each thought arises out of a completely thoughtless source. Just watch and you’ll see it for yourself. You can watch thought arise, feel it, and watch as it dissipates. Let your consciousness go to the place that the thought goes when it disappears.”

“We can convince ourselves that we’re something other than our true nature, we can experience ourselves to be something other than our true nature, but we can’t actually be something other than our true nature.”

“Inquiry isn’t meant to get answers. It is meant to pull our attention more closely toward us, toward this deeper way of functioning from the silence within our consciousness—the silence of mind behind all our thoughts that is the great intelligence and wisdom that is there.”

“Our spiritual pursuits are about spirit—they are about the One in us, trying to work its way through the clutter to realize itself.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on April 5, 2023.
© 2023 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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