2023 Spring Weekend Retreat ~ Online with Adyashanti

May 5–7, 2023 9 MP3 Download 9 hrs. 33 min. $75.00

In this final online retreat before his retirement, Adyashanti rouses the drive for enlightenment, inviting us to leave abstractions of mind, to be fully present and to discover our bodies as instruments of inner wisdom. He speaks to the shift of losing one’s conventional identity and gaining true identity, while recalling the teachings of Arvis Joen Justi, his root teacher. Adya recounts her sharing of the relationship between nonduality and duality and of the prevailing drive to enlightenment. This 9-download set contains all talks, Q&A, and guided meditations from the retreat.

Talk Topics Include:

  • Taking the Backward Step
  • The “Me” Thought Is within Consciousness
  • The Instinct for Enlightenment
  • Seeing from the True Perspective
  • Construction of Language Is Based in Duality and Alters Perception
  • The Soulful Aspect of Being Is Wise
  • Listening to Your Own Deep Inner Guidance with Your Full Body

Q&A Topics Include:

  • Acknowledging the Power and Limitation of Words
  • A Teacher's Presence Is Not Mandatory for Awakening
  • Energy in the Solar Plexus and Dantian
  • Ego as Function Not Identity
  • Allowing Energy to Move as It Wants
  • Voluntary and Involuntary Suffering
  • Deconstructing the Me

Three Guided Meditations


“In the real and full realization, awareness is the world, the world is awareness.”

“The ultimate nature of things is nonconceptual. It’s deeper than the concept.”

“What’s useful to know is that the enlightenment drive, in a certain sense, comes from enlightenment itself. The drive to realize the ground of being, the instinct for it, arises from the ground of being itself.”

“We keep usurping the wisdom of our bodies.”

“The ground of being is emptiness and what flows out of the ground of being is fullness.”

“It takes some courage to let go—that’s facing the unknown.”

Recorded in Santa Cruz, California on May 5-7, 2023.
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