A Fundamental Transformation

May 3, 2012 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 59 min. $10.00

Having mental clarity about our issues can set the groundwork for understanding, but to address the heart of our difficulties, a transformation is required -- one that comes from the very ground of being. Adyashanti begins this discerning satsang with a brief teaching about the need for a fundamental shift of our entire perspective on life, and how this greater wisdom affects our understanding of prayer, true listening, and the paradox of oneness and differentiation. He continues with relevant dialogues with callers about higher learning, how life can turn in an instant, and constructive ways to work with addiction.

Topics Include: Pulling Out Problems by the Root / The Deepest Form of Prayer / The Extraordinary Intelligence of the Infinite / Your Contract with Life / Relinquishing Apparent Control / The Power of Truly Listening / Renegotiating the Terms of Your Spiritual Search / Running Away vs. Running Toward / Addiction and Awakening

Quotes from this Download: “It’s hard to get to the root of our being, to that place where true and deep transformation takes place, as long as we keep writing the script of how we want it to turn out.” • “When you come upon a true prayer, you come upon something with great power, and you know it. You’re no longer putting any limitations on life.” • “You can’t think your way to a greater perspective. You have to be taken there. And you can’t be taken there until you’re open.” • “At some point, you need to trust in yourself, trust that that desire for Truth is going to be there no matter where you are.”

Recorded on May 3, 2012.
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