A Quiet Sincerity

June 2, 2010 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 25 min. $10.00

In this satsang, Adyashanti invites us into a deep and quiet inquiry into our true nature, pointing out that spiritual yearning does not need to come from intense desire. What’s most important is a deep and quiet a willingness to see through any veil or illusion to encounter reality for its own sake. Adyashanti also offers practical pointers on how to speak from presence and dissolve the experience of fear.

Topics Include: The Irrational Impulse for Truth / Grasping Isn’t Necessary / What the Heart Values Most / A Quiet Sincerity / How to Speak from Truth / Avoiding Reality After Awakening / Facing the Terror of Oneness / How to Dissolve Fear

Quotes from This Download: “It is not unusual that when people have a real taste of freedom the ego starts to mount an attack -- it can be fear or terror, or something much more subtle, like boredom and distractions.”

“Illusion works because it seems totally real.”

“Ask yourself, ‘What would it be if clarity was to speak now?’ Very often you’ll find in that moment, your speaking arises from stillness, as if you’re being spoken to.”

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Item #: CDR-103