A Singularity of Focus

November 2, 2011 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 48 min. $10.00

In his opening talk, Adyashanti brings attention to the importance of having a singularity of focus on the spiritual journey. He then responds to eloquent emails and dialogues with callers from Seattle and Oklahoma, shedding light on a variety of post-awakening experiences.

Topics Include: Singularity of Focus / Your Deeper Existential Calling / Being Hollowed Out / True Meditation and Vipassana / Moving Responsibly / The Collapse of Form and Formless / The Flow of the Tao / A New Orientation / In Limbo Between Truth and Illusion / Loss of Emotion and Sexual Desire / The Source of Vitality / When There’s Depression

Quotes from this Download: Being itself is its own orientation. It’s like the center of the storm. It’s totally calm. It’s at peace. No matter what happens, everything is OK. • Spirituality is a hollowing out of one’s self. Finally the husk or the shell of that hollowed-out self gives way to the infinite, to the absolute. • You can’t know how much this raw energy of personal will dominates life, your entire perception of life, until it’s no longer there. • The more you can stay present for what's arising, without getting lost in or pushing away the emotionality of it, the more it releases. It doesn’t need your help in releasing. It needs you to be that intimate, warm space in which everything is allowed to arise.

Recorded on November 2, 2011.
© 2011 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved. 

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