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September 25, 2013 ~ Dialogue with Marj Britt

This special broadcast features Adyashanti in dialogue with Marj Britt, whom Adya calls one of the great Christian mystics of our time. They discuss the importance of the movement of Spirit into form, the transmission known as the descent of the dove. Weaving stories and ideas from Eastern and Western traditions, they share their wisdom about the Void, the light of awakening, and the power of love.

Topics Include: The Son and Daughtership of Each of Us / The Light in Every Moment / The Shift into Mysticism / Shiva and Shakti / The Descent of Love / Jesus, the Alpha Omega Guru / The Single Eye / 3 Major Shifts of Emerging Essence / Light and Darkness: The Double Spiral / Jesus’ Question to Peter / The Healing Energy of the World / The Cave of the Heart / Standing at the Edge of the Beyond

Quotes from Marj: “The soul ascends; Spirit descends.” • “We find a moment in time where one world ends and another opens. That opening into another world comes out of an experience of the Void.” • “You can look into another soul’s eyes with pure love, and just your gaze in that experience of pure love can heal them and awaken the dreams within them.”

Quotes from Adyashanti: “You see the only begotten One wearing every face.” • “Our whole relationship with life can be a pouring forth of love rather than a hoarding of love.” • “The descent of Spirit is not an escape, not even trying to transcend suffering. It’s an act of love.” • “Prajna is an intuitive capacity to see with your whole being.”

Recorded on September 25, 2013.
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