All of Life Is Relationship

May 7, 2014 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 36 min. $10.00

If there is only the One, God, Buddha Nature, who or what “other” is there to be in relationship with? By pointing out the reality of our own true nature, Adyashanti begins to demystify the paradox of relationship. He urges us to see the infinite worth of our own being, which enables us to transform our relationship with all of life. In responses to questions from callers, he addresses so-called experiences of heaven; how to access the quality of love within you to heal and integrate shadow feelings; and how to discover the excitement of acting from truth.  

Topics Include: The True Nature of Life / The Importance of the World of Relationship / Serving Reality Moment-to-Moment / What We’re in Relationship With / Seeing Buddha in the People You Meet / Embracing the Immense Diversity of Life / Allowing Others to Be as They Are / Freedom in the Midst of the World / Finding Out What Is Trustworthy

Quotes from this Download: “If your concept of divinity is one-sided, you’ll see divinity as a deity rather than divinity being woven into every bit of the structure of life.” • “You may not exist as an ‘I,’ but the feeling ‘I exist’ comes from the very heart of reality.” • “We are unique, and we are different, and we are the same. And that’s peace, and that’s love, and that’s truth.” • “Everything that’s in suffering wants to be free and is drawn towards the light for its own freedom.” • “You can be in service through your job or almost anything . . . to have the divine working through you in an unimpeded way.”  
Recorded on May 7, 2014.
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