An Honest Look at Reality

Boulder Satsang 8/13/10 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 59 min. $10.00

What does it mean to look honestly at what’s true? In this clear satsang, Adyashanti exposes the distortion that the mind creates about reality. He helps us see through our self-obsessions and the narrative of thought so that we recognize the extraordinary and ordinary reality of our oneness with all life.
Topics Include:

  • Seeing through Personal Obsessions
  • How the Mind Distorts Reality
  • The Reality of Reality
  • Extraordinary Ordinariness
  • An Honest Look
  • What’s Missed in Dealing with Heartbreak
  • Sensing What Precedes Thought

Quotes from This Download:

“Very rarely will the mind confess to us that it has no idea what is going on.”
“Reality is not something that can be found.”
“You don’t have to seek after truth any more than you have to seek the butt you’re sitting on!”
“Stop believing in untruths and the truth is self-evident.”

Recorded in Boulder, Colorado on August 13, 2010.
© 2010 by Open Gate Sangha. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-180