The Art of Spiritual Nourishment

Mar 2-3, 2022, Jan 13-14, 2016 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 41 min. $10.00

Spiritual practices can be a way of nourishing the spirit, helping us to recognize and live the truth of our being. In this nurturing meeting, Adyashanti instructs us in the art of shifting our attention from the reactive ego mind to a softer place where we are actually nourishing our spirit. Revealing the luminous intelligence of awareness, he teaches us to utilize our attention—and intention—to come into harmony with our spirituality and nourish the clear, quiet, nonreactive mind.

Topics Include:

  • How to Engage in Spiritual Disciplines
  • The Limitations of Gaining Knowledge
  • Noisy Mind Arises within Quiet Mind
  • The Paradox of No-Self and Choice
  • Our Two Greatest Commodities
  • What Ego Mind Is Looking For
  • Becoming Spiritually Mature
  • The Intelligence of Emptiness
  • The Difference between Awakening and Enlightenment

Quotes from this Download:

“Spirituality isn't about perfecting anything; it's about revealing something.”

“Silence is good food for the spirit.”

“You can't just understand what awakening is—you have to taste it.”

“It takes an adventurous spirit to question something. It will make you aware of your old psychological patterns of reactivity.”

“The art of meditation is the art of giving your attention to that space in which the mind arises.”

“Until we begin to realize and feel and experience attention -- where our attention is, and the power of attention—we're submerged in the murky waters of thinking.”

“Nourishing a sense of connectedness, well-being, and love comes out of silence and emptiness.”

Recorded on September 24, 2014.
© 2014 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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