Awake in Uncharted Waters Brienz Intensive 2014 4 MP3 Download 5 hrs. 41 min. $40.00
Most people in spirituality want unity, but not too many want emptiness. This is in part because ego structures avoid the void. But if we want to truly realize our own divinity, we must turn to look at what we’re running from. In this 2014 Brienz Intensive, Adyashanti encourages us to trust and dive into the uncharted waters within, to enter the dark unknown inside with openness, love, and an absolute fidelity to truth. It is in the depths of the unknown that we can discover how the void, the true emptiness within, is actually the vibrant, awake, and alive reality comprising everything in life. 

Talk Topics Include: Listening to the Voice that Beckons You / The Vast Expanse of the Unknown / The Vibrancy of Emptiness / The Void within All Ego Structures / True Reality Is Present Now / How We Miss Truth / Giving the Gift of Freedom / Stripping the Layers of Boundary Making / Vital Insights On: “The World Is Illusion; Brahman Alone Is Real; The World Is Brahman” / The Western Culture of Unworthiness / Sensing Redemptive Love

Q&A Topics Include: Falling into Grief / The Seeking of Perpetual Bliss / Life Knows What It's Doing / Making Emotions Conscious / Facing Samsara / Being Intimate with Pain / Letting Go in the Mind, Heart, and Gut / Acting without an Actor

Quotes from this Download Set: “Enlightenment is not like having a continual kiss by God.” • “Spirituality is all about opening to the unknown. There’s no awakening if we don’t open to the unknown.” • “The reality people are seeking, the big enlightenment, has to be present. The experience you are having right now has to have the thread of reality in it. Otherwise it’s not real. The trick is to have absolute fidelity with your experience.” • “Your own experience will always lead you to the truth -- every time.” • “Whatever you give your time and attention tells you what you really value in life.” • "What if you are here as an act of love in order to redeem life, to make it whole, to make it complete, to restore it to its natural conditioning?" • "Through you and me, life is aware of itself. It hears itself. It tastes itself. It touches itself. It lives itself. We are the knife-edge point of Awareness for life."

Recorded in Brienz, Switzerland on August 11 and 12, 2014.
© 2014 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.
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