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Awakening All of You August 25, 2010 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 54 min. $10.00

Adyashanti begins this elucidating satsang by exploring how subtle delusions still arise even in deep realization. He guides us to see the real truth of our experience so that we consciously allow the entirety of our being to awaken.

Topics Include: Beyond the Teachings / Not Hiding from Anything / Mistaking One Facet for the Entire Jewel / The Inclusive Nature of Truth / The Fluidity of Unity / Sincerely Seeing What’s True / What Awakens? / Thought Is Not the Enemy / What Makes Us Go Unconscious

Quotes from This Download: “The belief that you can’t be deluded is your first delusion.”

“The deeper your realization goes, the more clever and cunning your delusions become.”

“Sincerity and humility is what keeps the doors of perception open for you.”

Recorded on August 25, 2010.
© 2010 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved. 

Item #: CDR-107