Clear Sky Consciousness

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The pristine, clear, and open sky is like the underlying nature of consciousness. Just as the sky is the context through which clouds pass, our fundamental and silent consciousness is the context in which all experiences arise and pass. Adyashanti reveals how recognizing this constant pristine consciousness accesses the state of ultimate freedom that is undisturbed by the content of life experiences or by the egoic mind that continuously pursues certain states and resists others.

Talk Topics Include:

  • The Baseline Nature of Consciousness
  • The Tyranny of Ego Mind
  • Intuitively Sensing the Ageless
  • The Equivalence of All Thoughts & Feelings
  • What’s Always Silent
  • Suffering is an Inside Job

Q&A Topic:

  • Portals to Consciousness

Quotes from this Download:

“The clear, open sky is like the baseline of consciousness.”

“It’s conditioning that thinks we need to make consciousness pristine.”

“We can’t find the needle of enlightenment in the haystack because it’s not the needle -- it’s the whole haystack.”

“We are touching the awakened state of consciousness when we tap into the place where we don’t feel our age.”

“Awakening will not give you a pass on the challenges of life, but it can give you a pass on not driving yourself nuts with the challenges.”

Recorded in Oakland, California on January 14, 2017.
© 2017 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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