Commitment to Truth and Love

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Truth and love are two of the most powerful embodiment tools for living an enlightened life. Adyashanti explores how committing to these two orienting values strengthens unity and connectedness. When you are fully committed to embodying truth and love, then the inherent depth of unified being, as well as your unique human expression, are experienced as one continuous movement.

Topics Include:

  • Embodying Truth and Love
  • Being Totally Honest and Sincere
  • The Imperative of Truth Telling
  • Absolute and Relative Viewpoints
  • Being a Benevolent Expression in the World
  • The Transformative Power of Truth
  • Residing in the Humble Heart
  • Our Inherent Connectedness

 Quotes from this Download:

“Truth and love are the two most powerful embodiment tools you will ever have. They are the two tools you have to lead a benevolent, beautiful, and enlightened life.”

“To embody love is a commitment. It’s a commitment to be connected, to be available, to be undefended, to sense into somebody’s underlying sense of being, and to not be looking through a wall of defense.”

“Where love and truth come together is that the more truthful you are, the more connected you feel. And the more connected you feel, the more truthful you want to be.”

“To embody your deeper presence of being requires not only truthfulness but also love.”

“To be loving isn’t to be perfectit’s to be connected and warm both with ourselves and others. It’s to be residing in the humble heart.”

Recorded on January 31, 2018 
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