Converging Inner and Outer Life

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There is a historical and paradoxical dividing line in spirituality that is breaking down. It is the division between the inner life of revelation and the outer expression of that revelation. We should not assume that having a deep spiritual realization will automatically inform other areas of our lives. Adyashanti explores the convergence of these inner and outer dimensions and the creative interplay between the two that inspires living at the cutting edge of our evolution.

Topics Include:

  • Two Paradoxical Views of Spirituality
  • Converging Inner Revelation and Outer Expression
  • The Constant Cutting Edge of Spiritual Evolution

Quotes from this Download:

“One’s own illumination doesn’t address the whole arc of spiritual life. There is a recognition of the importance of the inner and outer having a convergence.”
“The most mature expressions of spirit will in some way address the inner dimension of spiritual yearning, and the collective way in which the yearning plays out.”
“The more we are grounded in the fundamental nature of reality, we can withstand diversity and difference of opinion because we are connected in a really deep place.”

Recorded in San Jose, California on March 2, 2016.
© 2016 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

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