Deeper Still

The Subtle Shifts of Identity 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 4 min. $9.00

One of the most common misunderstandings in spirituality is that people think that waking up from ego is the goal. There are actually many types of awakening. In this quintessential talk, Adyashanti reveals shifts in levels of identity that usually occur after realizing we are not our ego structure. He shows how going deeper into the realm of spirit can liberate these subtle forms of identity and foster a maturation of—and rooting in—the immovable and undefinable ground of reality.

Topics Include:

  • Real Nonduality
  • All Awakenings Are Not the Same
  • Beyond Being the Witness
  • Dark Surprises After Awakening
  • Leaping Beyond Your Capacity to Sustain
  • Not Identifying with Unity
  • Maturing into Immovability

Quotes from this Download:

"What distinguishes a spiritual awakening from a spiritual experience is that an awakening is an essential shift in identity."

"Each time you have a shift into a subtler identity, there's a freedom and impact of vibration that you need to see so identity can move on to its own liberation."

"In most cases we have purification upside down. Usually it's egos trying to purify. Purification happens to you, not by you."

"Any shift in identity is piercing through ego, but this doesn't mean ego disappears. It begins the process of ego's demise."

"The deeper your maturity goes, nothing that life has to offer can move you."

Please Note: The recording on this download was originally published in the 15-CD album (Vol. 21) from the Mt. Madonna Retreat in January 2011.

Recorded in Watsonville, California on January 27, 2011.
©2011-2013 by Adyashanti. All rights reserved.

Item #: CDA-412