Discovering Your Own Depth

January 17, 2018 1 MP3 Download 1 hrs. 46 min. $10.00

One of the most important discoveries in spirituality is finding out how your deepest realizations translate into your relative human existence in a way that is tangible, gives direction, and gives life deeper meaning. Adyashanti invites you to inquire into the values that give your life orientation and recognize how every action you take has impact. By letting your own depth trickle up to the surface of your consciousness, you are able to embody your deepest realizations.

Topics Include:

  • At the Core of Human Consciousness
  • Finding Deeper Meaning
  • Universal Spiritual Instincts
  • Inner Values that Give Orientation
  • Our Experience of Meaning
  • Deep Insight Translating into Orientation
  • The Open-Ended Love of Truth
  • Embodying the Depth of Your Being

Quotes from this Download:

“Just because we have a deep, profound, and liberating experience of being doesn’t necessarily mean we know how to embody it in our humanity.”

“Every action you take is arising out of either a conscious or unconscious orienting principle that gives orientation and direction to your life.”

“At a certain incredible depth of insight, orientation simply happens. But up until that point, the question of what orients your life is extremely important and assists in deepening your experience of being.”

“We are the depth of our being.”

Recorded on January 17, 2018 
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